What do I have to pay for a cooperation?

What do I have to pay for a cooperation?

21. December 2018 0
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Nothing! The cooperations, we offer on this site are free of charge for you.

The basic idea of our cooperations is to find an easy access to create good photos together. So we either cooperate to earn money together – so you don`t pay, you earn! Or we cooperate on base of Time for Prints (TfP) and you get the results of the photoshooting on CD or for download and we get the right to use them for our projects. So yo don`t pay for being photographed.

So who pays?

  • If we sell our photos together, the customers who buy them pay for it (details see at the chosen project).
  • If you get a web-shop, we normally find sponsors who can place some advertisement on the site so this covers the cost for running the webspace.
  • If we create a calendar/ book/ postcards/ ebook, you don`t pay for it – even if it promotes you as a model. Either there are customers who buy the product and pay or it is advertising and covered by marketing budget.


All photodesigners of ritarra.network are freelancers. So if you want your personal photos, just for yourself, this is a normal job and no ritarra.network cooperation. We will tell you what it costs before and then you decide.
If we book an expensive location for photos with a commercial background and you will earn money with the photos, we will also talk about a share of the location cost. But tis will also be communicated clearly before and then you decide.
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