Is there a contract?

Is there a contract?

21. December 2018 0
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There is no general contact! is not a company who tries to sell you a product. We don’t have a contract, you just have to sign. We all are freelancers and create contracts for our projects each time. In a cooperation you are part of your project team so you will also be part of the contracts of this team. That’s what we mean by “cooperation”: It is on same eye level and if something for your is important to write down and sign as a contract, then we talk about it before and find a solution that fits to all participants of the project.

As a model

  1. You normally sign a model relase (Details see english or russian wikipedia) so we can handle and publish the photos in your name. Here is an example that we sometimes use.
  2. And depending on the project we write down the basics: Who does what with the photos? Will here be a book? A calendar? A web shop? And who gets how many % of the income?
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