How can I trust the photographer?

How can I trust the photographer?

21. December 2018 0
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Trust is something that builds up step by step

Before a photo shooting, you will have some online communication and there always is the option to have a phonecall or skype/viber voice-call before you decide for the next steps.

Then you can have a meeting in a public place – if you feel more safe, you can also bring a friend. So if anything scary should happen, you can just stand up and leave.

Then there is always the chance to have a test-photosession before you start a cooperation.

During a shooting the photographer is your support. You decide what you want and he or she makes suggestions. You always decide if you want to try a pose or outfit or if you don’t want.

And finally it is all digital photos. If you feel like you did something, that was wrong, you can delete the photos directly on the camera and nobody will ever see them.

Trust needs to be built up from both sides

Also a photographer needs to trust you that you show up to the appointment, that you take care of the equipment and don’t steal anything. So he also is happy about a step-by-step building up trust.
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