Can I bring a person whom I trust to the photo session?

Can I bring a person whom I trust to the photo session?

21. December 2018 0
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Yes, that is absolutely possible.

Best option is a friend who likes your steps to photo-modeling and supports you. We should talk before the shooting/ meeting if you bring somebody with you.


We have had some bad experience with older brothers and boy-friends/husbands. They sometimes tend to a protective behavior or are just jealous. And sometimes models “forgot” to tell them what kind of photos they decided to do and then it was a problem when they wanted to take on the bikini and the brother or husband meant it good, when he tried to protect the “poor girl” from the photographer.

You are 100% responsible for the person who comes with you to a meeting. You need to give him or her a clear briefing what you plan to do. If there is any misunderstanding and any situation some third party causes distress to the photographer, we will immediately quit the photo session and the cooperation.
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