Earn Money with your photos

Goal is to create a web-shop together with each model. There the model can sell her photos, videos, autograph-cards and other stuff to customers who want to buy. Model and photographer share the income so the photo sessions and web-shop is completely free for the model.


Step 1: We do a photo- shooting | no cost for you 

We are in different countries from time to time and do photo-shootings. If we agree in a cooperation, you get the photo-shooting for free. The pictures will be taken with a professional studio-equipment in the next city or – if you want – outdoors, at the beach for example.

Step 2: Design of a web-shop | totally free for you 

If we cooperate with each other, you get your personal model- web- shop. We will find a sponsor who places some advertising on your homepage so it is totally free for you. On this homepage visitors can see some nice portrait- and fashion-photos of you.


Step 3: Earning money together

Everybody who wants to see „more“ than portrait and fashion, has to pay for it at first.
Of course you always decide, what „more“ you are willing to sell to customers and your limits are respected. This means, it‘s possible to do nude photos also but not necessary to do erotic shots. Yo can also sell topless or underwear-style or offer autograph-cards and other stuff for sale. Best results for earning money is to build up a fan club and stay in contact with the club members who will buy photos again and again.

Safety and Security

The customers are not allowed to publish the photos they buy. They may just use them for their-selves. International copyright (and some technical tricks) protects your photos. So you have the control who can see which photos. Additionally it is possible to block access to the web-shop from your home country. So computers which connect to the homepage from an internet-connection from your country can be filtered out and your friends or neighbors will not see any web-shop at all.


Questions? Please contact us here.

You want to take part? Go here for an application.


In a nutshell:

you can directly earn money with the website.

you don’t have to pay for the cooperation.

nude or at least topless photos should be ok for you (no “must”, but recommended).

offered in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Swizerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium (other countries please ask).

you can first test our offer and find out if you want to cooperate