Beauty photo calendar or book

The goal is to create a printable result of the photos like an (e-)book or a calendar. This print is offered to customers and sold for a nice price. The model(s) in the book can offer to sell more photos/ photo sessions to customers so the model and are promoted with this project for later paid assignments.

Step 1: We do a photo- shooting | no cost for you 

We are in different countries from time to time and do photo-shootings. If we agree in a cooperation, you get the photo-shooting for free. The pictures will be taken with a professional studio-equipment in the next city or – if you want – outdoors, at the beach for example.

Step 2: Design of a calendar, book or ebook | totally free for you 

If we cooperate, your photos will be placed in a printable media like a photo-book. We will maybe find a sponsor who places some advertising there, so it is totally free for you.

Step 3: Advertising you as a model

In the book, we can print a contact email-address or model-portfolio link if you want. So people who buy the book can send offers if they want to have more photos of you and want to order them. That is an option for you to earn some money as a model. But there is no guarantee.

Questions? Please contact us here.

You want to take part? Go here for an application.

In a nutshell:

you get good photos as a payment (TfP*)

you don’t have to pay for the cooperation

you stay dressed on the photos (no nude & no bikini is required)

offered in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium (other countries please ask)

you can first test our offer and find out if you want to cooperate