beauties of ukraine

Goal is to become part of an artistic online project. Customers can see photos of different models and advertise for their qualities as a photo model. Customers can offfer paid assignments to models who want that. 
At the moment we offeer this just for Ukrainian models.


Step 1: We do a photo- shooting | no cost for you 

We are in Ukraine from time to time and do photo-shootings. If we agree in a cooperation, you get the photo-shooting for free. The pictures will be taken with a professional studio-equipment in Kiew or another big city.

Step 2: Design of your online portfolio at | totally free for you 

If we cooperate with each other, you get your personal model-portfolio with artistic portrait-, fashion- and lingerie- photos. The setup of the page will be glamorous- artistic, not too erotic-orientated.

Step 3: Promoting your model skills

We build in a check that just customers who are willing to pay can see all the functionality of the website. So we have a protection against freeloaders. Those who visit your portfolio will see your artistic photos and can get in contact to you via email messages – if you want that.

Step 4: Follow up Earnings by getting photo- offers

The customers can offer you paid photo sessions with photos at their wish. Of course you always decide, which offers you take and which you decline.


Questions? Please contact us here.

You want to take part? Go here for an application.


In a nutshell:

you can earn money in a follow up process but the start is TfP

you don’t have to pay for the cooperation

bikini- and lingerie- photos should be ok for you (no “must”, but recommended)

offered in Ukraine (other countries please ask)

you can first test our offer and find out if you want to cooperate